This section contains the functions and settings that allows Owners and Managers to configure LassoBMS™ to best suit the business. It also contains other important functions such as bookkeeping, products & services, system utilities and other administrative tasks.

Products & Services
Dynamic Lists
System Utilities

Keeping track of your tax obligations, appointment timesheets and invoicing could not be easier with LassoBMS™.

Key Features:

  • Tax Rates
  • COA Categories
  • Chat Of Accounts
  • Appointment Timesheets
  • Batch Provider Invoicing
  • Private Invoicing
Products & Services

Whether your business provides services or sells products (or both), LassoBMS™ has you covered.

Key Features:

  • Services
  • Cost Codes
  • Service Duties
Dynamic Lists

Through the use of Dynamic Lists, LassoBMS™ allows you to control your type structures.

Contacts, Companies and Users:

  • Suspension Types
  • Building Types
  • Title Types
  • Relationship Types
  • Skills Matrix
  • Transaction Types
  • Position Types
  • Company Types
  • Industry Types

Notes and Reminders:

  • Note Types
  • Reminder Types


  • Calendar Types
  • Label Types
  • Public Holidays


  • Category Types

Pet Resort (Add-on Module):

  • Pet Types
  • Breed Types
  • Pet Collar Types
  • Pet Option Types
  • Personality Types
  • Pet Food Types
  • Food Enhancers
System Utilities

LassoBMS™ provides several System Utilities that are designed to perform important and useful functions.

Below is a list of common utilities currently found in the system.

Current Utilities:

  • Database backup
  • On-screen keyboard
  • Calculator
  • Integrated Word Processor
  • Integrated Spreed Sheets
  • Integrated PDF Viewer