Café Point of Sale

An optional function that's included in LassoBMS™ and suited to both a Café or Restaurant. This is not an addon module, it's a function that's built in with the system and can be enabled and disabled at anytime.

Sale Modes
Table Layouts
Menus, Categories & Items
Additional Features
Sale Modes

The Café Point of Sale function that’s shipped with LassoBMS™ supports 3 sales modes:

  1. Dine In
  2. Take Away
  3. Delivery

Key Benefits:

  • Dine In mode also supports:
    • Bookings
    • Table administration
  • Use existing contact details to generate new sales quickly
  • Track sales, turnover and profit easily
  • Stock control
  • Generate promotions and marketing
  • Easily implemented a loyalty system
  • Generate and track Gift Vouchers
Table Layouts

Table Layouts allow you to configure how you’re Café or restaurant is configured and allows you to assign table numbers or names to each table as well as table colour, size and groups for easy identification.

LassoBMS™ also supports an unlimited number of table layouts that can be switched in and out at any time. This means that you can have preconfigured layouts for every day or session.

Key Benefits:

  • Divide your Café or restaurant into different table groupings e.g.: Bar, Lounge & Main Dining
  • Unlimited number of layouts that can be easily switched out if your tables change or different areas open and close depending on the day or session
  • Table colours, size and groups can be changed for easier identification
  • A Layout Wizard is included to make it even easier to get started
Menus, Categories & Items

Once you start a sale, you need something to sell. To that end, LassoBMS™ supports the following features to build your menu:

  1. Menus – The main categories items will be listed under e.g.: Pizza, Pasta, Drinks etc…
  2. Categories – These are used to breakdown the Menus further e.g.:
    Pizza Menu
           - Chicken
           - Seafood
           - Traditional
           - Chef’s Specials
  3. Menu Items – These are the products you sell

Key Benefits:

  • Easily add and group menu items for sale
  • Sales information flows throughout the entire system to get a much better overview of the business quickly
  • Stock Control
  • Track popular items vs non-popular items
  • Set Sell Prices and Markup
  • Custom colour coding to highlight key items
Additional Features

The Café Point of Sale feature also comes with the following additional functions:

  1. Register Messages – Quickly communicate important information with your employees
  2. Receipt Lookup – Review previous receipts and re-print
  3. Open Drawer – Ability to open the cash drawer outside of a sale (restricted function)
  4. Previous Sale Information – Allows you to quickly see the balance due on previous sales
  5. Barcoded Receipts – Allows you to quickly lookup a receipt
  6. Saved Sales – Allows you to hold a sale over if required
  7. Category and Manual Sales – Allows you to quickly sell a miscellaneous item
  8. Receipt Audit – Allows you to quickly find receipts matching your criteria
  9. Add New Contact – Allows you to add a new contact inside the Register Mode
  10. Gift Vouchers – Create and track gift vouchers
  11. Loyalty System – Reward your customers
  12. Debtor Accounts – Ability to charge sales to a customer’s account (restricted function)
  13. Split Payments – Allows you to complete a sale with multiple payment types
  14. Split Bills – Allows you to quickly split a bill amongst the guests