Calendar Management

The section contains functions and features that graphically track and monitor all your job appointments, appointment reminders, important dates, Staff availability and personal appointments. This is crucial when it comes to managing workloads and rostering. It also allows you to better forward plan or look back in-time on past weeks to get an idea of how busy you are.

Calendar Features
Calendar Views & Groups
Printing & Exporting
Calendar Features

LassoBMS™ comes complete with a fully functional calendar similar to Outlook with each employee and contractor having their own calendar. The primary purpose of the calendar is to graphically display Job Appointments as well as appointment reminders, important events and personal reminders.

Because all appointments relating to the business are displayed in the calendar, it’s very easy to quickly see business activity at any given point, giving you the ability to forward plan or see how last week shaped up.

Key Benefits:

  • Select which employees and contractors you want to view
  • Tracks all important Job Appointments and other dates quickly and easily
  • Supports adding files and notes to the appointment directly from the calendar
  • Split appointments
  • Forward plan and see how next week is already looking
  • Helps with employee and contractor rostering
  • Go back in time to see how previous weeks and months have gone
  • Add appointments directly into the calendar
  • Edit appointments directly from the calendar
  • Print and export calendars
  • Multiple views and grouping options
Calendar Views & Groups

To make it easier to read, the LassoBMS™ Calendar supports multiple views:

  1. Day View
  2. Work Week View
  3. Week View
  4. Month View
  5. Timeline View
  6. Gantt View

The calendar also supports various timescale options, grouping options and layout options to make it even easier to track employee and contractor activity.

Printing & Exporting

The LassoBMS™ Calendar allows you to print and export in the following ways:

  1. Save the calendar as a iCalendar (*.ics) file so it can be saved into external calendars and programs
  2. Export the calendar to Outlook and Microsoft Exchange
  3. Print the calendar so you can hand it out or email it

Key Benefits:

  • Take your calendar with you and use it with external software
  • Export directly into Outlook and Exchange so appointments synchronise with your phone
  • Portability, print your calendar to paper or export to PDF and email it