Contact Management

The section contains functions and features that allows you to track your most important asset - your contacts. In order to do this, LassoBMS™ has many advanced features that ensures contact details and activities are transparent and that trends and changes are identified quickly.

Search Features
Contact Details
Job & Appointment Tracking
File Management
Notes & Reminders
Emergency & Secondary Contacts
Search Features

Sometimes it can be difficult to locate a Contact's File, it may have been misfiled, the details are out of date or there was simply a spelling mistake when creating the file to begin with.

Thankfully, LassoBMS™ provides many advanced search abilities and filters for locating contact files.

Key Features:

  • Contacts are separated into 2 key classes:
    • Clients - Individuals
    • Companies - Businesses, Suppliers, Manufactures etc..
  • Each class can be broken down further into configurable categories
  • Multiple search filters including:
    • Contact or Company Name
    • Address & Suburb
    • Phone numbers
    • E-mail addresses
    • Custom search filter using a combination
  • The search screen exposes many core contact details without needing to "open" the file
Contact Details

The more you know about your contacts, the more you can leverage them to increase sales, improve profit margins and communication.

In order to achieve this, LassoBMS™ allows you to store a large cross-section of (class dependent) information.

Key Details:

  • Contact Name/Business Name
  • Title & Sex or Company Type & Industry (class dependent)
  • Building name & address details
  • E-mail address & phone numbers
  • Date of Birth (individuals)
  • ABN Number (companies)
  • Contact image or company logo
  • Skills Matrix - Record any additional skills the contact has
  • Location tracking using integrated maps
  • Social Media Details
  • Additional comments
Job & Appointment Tracking

Whether you offer Services to your contacts or simply want to record important appointments and date reminders, then LassoBMS™ is the system for you!

With advanced functions and features, you can be rest assured that important Jobs and dates are not forgotten.

Key Features:

  • Track a Jobs status and progress at any stage from start to finish
  • Integrated Word Processor to easily record all relevant Job details and images
  • Advanced job tracking that allows you to:
    • Assign the specific Service and Cost Code
    • Start and End date/times
    • Only shows qualifying employees and contractors
    • Map integration so you can see where each employees and contractors is in relation to the job location
    • Customisable “Show as” and “Label as” fields for better calendar integration and reporting
    • Record specific service duties and special instructions/contact requests
    • Set appointment reminders
  • Configure reoccurring service appointments
  • Service appointment details feed directly into the Timesheets for mark-off and invoice creation
  • Integrates with the LassoBMS™ Calendar and exporting to Microsoft Outlook
  • Ability to record Files, Notes and Reminders against Jobs and Appointments
File Management

Is your computer littered with important contact folders, files and notes? Have you thought to yourself there must be a better way to store and backup this information? Do you have problems finding these files when needed? Do you wish you could take these with you when your onsite and out of the office? Do you share an office with more than one person who also needs access to these files?

If you answered yes to any of the these questions, then you need LassoBMS™!

Key Features:

  • No more storing important files randomly on computers
  • Files can be stored against:
    • Contacts
    • Companies
    • Jobs
    • Service appointments
  • All files are recorded against the individual contact making them very easy to locate
  • File creation and last modified details are recorded
  • You can set a “Tag” against each file so files can be grouped
  • You can set “Description” against each file to make it easier for other Staff Members to identify files they are looking for
  • Files can be opened directly from the System or exported and saved to the local drive
  • A choice of storage methods:
    • Add File – Adds the file to the database
    • Linked File – Records the file location on the network
Notes & Reminders

Notes and reminders are important when it comes to contact management and care. They often contain crucial information about the contact which can make or break a sale. Have you ever lost a note or reminder relating to a contact that resulted in a strained relationship or even a lost sale?

With LassoBMS™ you never have to worry about that again!

Key Features:

  • Customisable Note and Reminder Types
  • Integrated Word Processor to easily record details and images
  • Date and creation details recorded
  • Reminders can be set to always show whenever you interact with the Contact
  • Can be printed or exported to external files
Emergency & Secondary Contacts

Depending on your industry (e.g.: aged care), you may be required to store emergency and additional contact details against your contacts. It may also be useful to store these details to get a better understanding of how your contacts relate to each other and establish referral patterns. You may even be able to use this information to increase sales and offer target marketing to family members!

LassoBMS™ provides 3 methods of storing additional contact details:

  1. Emergency Contact – This feature allows you to directly enter a minimal amount of information for a family member; it does not create a contact file for that emergency contact
  2. Secondary Contact – This feature allows you to link existing contacts together by a configurable relationship type. E.g.: A Mother and Daughter are both clients of yours, you can link them together to establish family trees and targeted marketing
  3. Companies – This feature allows you to link a contact to a Company (and vice versa). This is useful if the ABC Health Pty Ltd company is a client of yours but you also do private work for the CEO at his house. Linking individuals to companies will allow you to establish referral links and give you an idea of how many additional contacts you gain

Key Benefits:

  • Add Emergency Contacts
  • Track relationships and referral paths
  • Create more targeted marketing and offers