User Management

This section allows Owners and Managers to create, configure and control their workforce, set security and access levels and monitor employee and contractor activity.

Search Features
User Details
Job & Appointment Tracking
File Management
Notes & Reminders
Emergency Contacts
Availability & Services Offered
Search Features

You need to be able to control your workforce. You also need to access records and view the important information within quickly and efficiently when required.

Thankfully, LassoBMS™ provides many advanced search abilities and filters for accessing employment records quickly.

Key Features:

  • Multiple search filters including:
    • Contact or Company Name
    • Address & Suburb
    • Phone numbers
    • E-mail addresses
    • Custom search filter using a combination
  • Employee and contractor availability information
  • The search screen exposes many core contact details without needing to "open" the file
User Details

In order to control and utilise your workforce, you need to know a lot about them. From contact details, availability and the services/skills they can offer to current work and security details.

In order to achieve this, LassoBMS™ allows you to store a large cross-section of information.

Key Details:

  • Employee/contractor name
  • E-mail address & phone numbers
  • Security group and login details
  • Date of Birth (individuals)
  • Last Police Check Date
  • Employee/contractor image
  • Availability details
  • Services offered
  • Skills Matrix - Record any additional skills the contact has
  • Location tracking using integrated maps
  • Social Media Details
  • Additional comments

LassoBMS™ provides many ways the system can be customised to improve the user experience. Each customisation is saved against individual users, meaning, the system can have a very different look and feel for each user.

Key User Customisations:

  • Screen mode (mouse or touch)
  • Themes
  • Colours
  • Styles
  • Appearance Settings
  • Runtime form designer
Job & Appointment Tracking

When your workforce has been deployed, you need to know exactly what they are currently working on, what they have coming up and what they have completed. To do this, you need instant access to their work history and ensure that Jobs are being completed quickly with a high level of customer satisfaction.

With advanced functions and features, you can be rest assured that important Jobs and dates are not forgotten.

Key Features:

  • Track a Jobs status and progress at any stage from start to finish
  • Service appointment details feed directly into the Timesheets for mark-off and invoice creation
  • Integrates with the LassoBMS™ Calendar and exporting to Microsoft Outlook
  • Ability to record Files, Notes and Reminders against Jobs and Appointments
File Management

Do you keep a lot of files, records and notes for your employees and contractors? Are these files kept in filing cabinets? Have you thought to yourself there must be a better way to store and backup this information? Do you have problems finding these files when needed? Do you wish you could take these with you when you’re out of the office? Do you need to share these files with others?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you would be pleased to know that LassoBMS™ comes with a File Management System!

Key Features:

  • No more storing important files in cabinets
  • All files are recorded against the individual employee making them very easy to locate
  • File creation and last modified details are recorded
  • You can set a “Tag” against each file so files can be grouped
  • You can set “Description” against each file to make it easier to remember what the file relates to
  • Files can be opened directly from the System or exported and saved to the local drive
  • A choice of storage methods:
    • Add File – Adds the file to the database
    • Linked File – Records the file location on the network
Notes & Reminders

Notes and reminders are important when it comes to employee and contractor management and care. They often contain crucial information about the employee or contractor that can affect their performance and satisfaction.

With LassoBMS™ you never have to worry about that again!

Key Features:

  • Customisable Note and Reminder Types
  • Integrated Word Processor to easily record details and images
  • Date and creation details recorded
  • Reminders can be set to always show whenever you interact with the employee or contractor file
  • Can be printed or exported to external files
Emergency Contacts

In order to help meet WHS requirements and improve your response in an emergency, you may be required to store Emergency Contact Details against your employees and contractors.

LassoBMS™ allows you to store detailed information about emergency contact details.

Key Benefits:

  • Add emergency contacts against each employee or contractor
  • Know who to contact in an emergency
  • Meet WHS requirements
Availability & Services Offered

In order to deploy your workforce effectively to increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs and increase sales, you need to ensure you assign the correct employee and/or contractor to the job/project.

In order to do this, LassoBMS™ allows you to record 3 additional pieces of information against each employee:

  1. Availability – When the employee or contractor is available for work
  2. Services Provided – What services that are offered by your business that the employee or contractor is qualified and proficient to perform
  3. Skills Matrix – What additional skills and abilities the employee or contractor is proficient in

Key Benefits:

  • Ensure the correct employee and/or contractor is assigned to Jobs and tasks
  • Quickly identify gaps in skills in your workforce
  • Build teams
  • Only show relevant employees and contractors when assigning jobs